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  1. If payable amount is debited/charged from your bank account/card but somehow you do not receive the transaction/payment receipt then you can do any of the following:
    • You can download the receipt from our website within 01 (one) working day subject to receive payment confirmation from your bank/card issuing authority through the concerned payment gateway to SJDA
    • Before re-try, please wait for atleast 01(one) working day as stated above.
    • If you want to re-try to make payment against the same bill to avoid consequences due to uncertainity of payment confirmation from your bank/card issuing authority to SJDA or you do not able to download last concerned receipt after 01(one) working day then you have to take up the matter with the respective bank/card issuing authority for refund of the previous unsuccessful transaction. SJDA will not be responsible for such of refund
  2. In case of double payment, confirmed by your bank/card issuing authority in due time, excess payment amount (if any) or such extra payment will be adjusted in the other unpaid bills/immediate subsequent bill(s).
  3. In case of any problem, you can report us to here

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